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Q: What is North Florida Agents Network (NFAN)?
A: NFAN is a Strategic Master Agency (SMA) affiliated with the Strategic Insurance Agency Alliance (SIAA).

Q: Who is (SIAA)?
A: SIAA is a national Insurance alliance comprised of Master Agencies throughout the country. These Master Agencies recruit and support Strategic Independent Agencies within their market area. NFAN is a Master Agency of SIAA.  

Q: Do joining agencies have to give up their established identity as an independent agency?
A: No. NFAN Members are each independent agencies, individually owned and operated. NFAN is not a franchise. You do not become part of the Master Agency, but rather a strategic partner with the purpose of growing & perpetuating your agency.

Q: For member agencies who services the client after the sale?
A: Each member agency services their own clients. By retaining all contact with the client, members will strengthen the relationship.

Q: How do I join NFAN?
A: There are several ways to express interest in becoming a member:

* Contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. * Contact us by phone at (850) 545-3547

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